Command Board AC4 FIT PE 3020

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Your automation center has the following characteristics:

  • Automators up to 1/3hp at 127V or 1/2hp at 220V;
  • Button programming;
  • Until 768 code learning/rolling code remote control buttons;
  • Power by transformer of 80mA bivolt 127V/220V, selected by strap;
  • Opening/closing time registered automatically;
  • Input for opening and closing button;
  • Input for photocell or inductive loop;
  • Output for 1 optional relay module; Acton with programmable function;
  • Input for external receiver;
  • Output 3 pins and 5 pins to limit switch;
  • Leds indicating opening and closing m-of-course;
  • Receiver module built into the board;


This line off command boards are intended for single-phase até 1/3CV. É the lowest cost and simplest installation line, however it has a high robustness and guaranteed Acton quality.

It's assembled in a robotic process and its high performance CISC processor guarantees a safe operation to your automation.

If you are in doubt about the model to be used in your home, contact our commercial department for clarification and the nearest point of sale.


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