Command Board AC4 FLEX GU

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Your automation center has the following characteristics:

  • Automators until é 1/3hp at 127V or 1/2hp at 220V;
  • Programming by buttons;
  • Input for capacitor by separate terminals;
  • Powered by 120mA bivolt 127V/220V transformer, selected by strap;
  • Output for 1 optional relay module; Acton with programmable function;
  • Pause time, activated and regulated by touch key;
  • Opening/closing time registered automatically;
  • Reverse command brake, activated and regulated by touch key;
  • 20 types of soft stop (ramp) activated and regulated by touch switch;
  • Smooth start enableable by strap;
  • Input for opening and closing button;
  • Input for photocell or inductive loop;
  • Input for external receiver;
  • Output 3 pins and 5 pins for limit switch;
  • Terminal terminals;
  • Leds indicating opening and closing limit switches;
  • 12Vdc output for peripherals;
  • Until 512 code learning/rolling code controls buttons;

If you are in doubt about the model to be used in your home, contact our commercial department for clarification and the nearest point of sale.


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